Re: If I were to custom-make plate holders, would you buy them?

From: Susan Huber ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/14/04-06:30:14 AM Z
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Hi Joe,
I would be interested in buying a 8 by 10 inch plate holder but don't have
any idea as to what process it would be for? Regular 8 by 10 film or for wet
plate process of which I know little of..
Sincerely, Susan
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Subject: Re: If I were to custom-make plate holders, would you buy them?

> Hi Jon,
> I'd be interested if they were available in 5x7 and 11x14.
> I don't like the aspect ratio of 4x5 & 8x10, and never use those
> formats.
> Joe
> >>> 07/13/04 11:10 AM >>>
> I'm considering producing a batch of custom-milled solid aluminum* plate
> holders that will fit in modern large format film cameras. I can't
> imagine
> that there would be a huge market for such a thing but I wanted to know
> if
> any of you would be interested.
> I would make 4x5 and 8x10 holders with quarter plate and full plate
> cutouts
> (respectively). It wouldn't be very difficult to modify the process to
> make
> cutouts for different sizes (I'm considering 5x9 for myself, for
> instance).
> Based on a couple early estimates, I could probably sell the 4x5 holders
> for
> $65 each and the 8x10 holders for $120 each.
> Does this tickle anyone's fancy? I know that there aren't many people
> who
> work with wet/dry plate on the list but maybe you just lurk and I don't
> know
> about you!
> Thanks,
> Jon
> *I'm not sure of the reactivity considerations with wet-plate chemistry.
> Would the silver iodide react with Aluminum? I might consider steel and
> titanium versions for wet-plate considerations.
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