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I'm 23 too! Hooray! I thought I was the youngest on list. I suppose I
might still be...

I'm sending this to the list because I thought that others might have the
same question. I am going to attempt to follow these instructions tonight
or tomorrow with 4x5 holders using 14AWG silver wire.


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Subject: plate holders for dummies

> I've been reading this thread, and keeping up. My next endeavor is
> collodion negs. I'm unfortunately still working small at 4x5.
> I was figuring that i'd just butcher a few normal 4x5 film holders
> trying to figure out how to make it work. Does anyone have a practical
> resource for how to make a wet plate holder that still fits into
> traditional 4x5 spring loaded back.
> I just bought a book that was recommended via this list about old
> school camera craft, but it hasn't gotten here yet.
> Sorry to be 5 steps back, but hey, :) I'm only 23.
> Adam.
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