Re: If I were to custom-make plate holders, would you buy them?

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I think that the same is true with the holders themselves in regards to
placement of the plane of focus. Even though lots of the holders would fit
in other cameras, I think that the manufacturers intentionally made their
cameras different so that you would have to buy their accessories.

Do those of you that work in glass negative make enlargements by fitting
plates into a custom holder for an 8x10/4x5 enlarger or do you just contact
print and be done with it? I wouldn't mind making custom septums for your
preffered plate size but I thought that I might as well offer a couple of
standard sizes. I simply picked 6.5x8.5 since it seemed to be the closest
thing to a standard in this arena.


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> Not exactly. Full plate is a size that existed long before the 6.5" X
> 8.5" size became standard. Full plate is always very close to 6.5" X
> 8.5" but it is in fact a nominal size and holders and cameras were
> not built to any specific standard. I own several different old
> "full-plate" cameras, one made in England, and holders that fit these
> cameras are absolutely not inter-changeable with the 6.5" X 8.5"
> format that appears to have become standard sometime around the turn
> of the century with cameras made by Gundlach, Eastman, Seneca, etc.
> Sandy King
> >>I'm having trouble locking down the
> >>precise dimensions for full plate. Based on my research, full
> >>plate is 6.5" x 8.5". Can someone confirm this?
> >
> >Confirmed.
> >
> >Kerik
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