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On Mon, 12 Jul 2004, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

> p. 239 of Jerry's large catalog: LW15 Badger Softener. 4" is $17.99, cat
> no. 59390. You MUST superglue the base of the brush where the hairs are
> attached, because it sheds like mad (as one old time book says, "a brush in
> its moulting season is a nuisance").

Try the following: hold a hake brush with the bristle tops toward you and
slide a card down about the middle. Then cut that slice (maybe a third of
the thickness) of the bristles off. Then run glue from a tube with a
narrow spout around the perimeter, and poke the wet glue inward with that
card or a thin blade all along the line & let dry. This should put
glue around most of the bristles. I treat cheap hake brushes this way,
which cuts down on the shedding -- as does moisturizer, making the hairs
less brittle.

Because I buff each coat with a dry hake brush -- in fact a large print
can use two -- a day's printing can use many brushes, especially as they
need to air dry after washing. The thinner brush has less hair to shed,
and dries more quickly. (Drying with heat makes the bristles brittle.)

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