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Date: 07/13/04-06:37:36 AM Z
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I have an example of a print using CMY that I am sure you will agree is
black. As a matter of fact, it is probably the blackest black I have ever
obtained photographically. I could post it, but you would have no way of
knowing if it was a valid depiction of the work. Do you want me to send it
to you?


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It was not an order, it was a simple request (note the use of the word
"please".) However, I still stand by my previous statements that regardless
of how you compute conversions and what the K in CMYK stands for, I still
doubt that you can get a pure black from just C + M + Y.

Bill Leigh
> > Please post 2 instances of the same print, one of which was printed with
> lampblack and one with some combination of your choice of cyan, magenta,
> yellow, which show that the color is identical. Also try scanning the
print and
> see what Photoshop says is in each of the CMYK channels.
> >
> Hmm, are you planning to pay me for my time to do this? If not, I don't
> see that I have any obligation to obey this order. If it looks solid
> black to me, that's good enough for me.
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