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Hello Jack,
Thank you for the information- I have tried many formulas to tone the
POP- could you clarify as to the amount of ammonium thiocyanate Linda
uses. I assume she uses a  gram of gold chloride for part two of the
solution to gold tone.
Thanks, Susan.

        Linda is in Cappadocia, Turkey, photographing right now and I'll be
happy to ask her upon returning in a bit if you wish. As far as I know,
the formula is the standard T-53 of Kodak for that is what I gave her a
few years back. She may have, indeed, altered it since then.
        However, it is:

Ammonium Thiocyante 10 grams
Water to make 500 mls

Solution B
Gold Chloride 1 gram
Water to make 500 mls

When using you can obtain various tones. Dilution is the key such as
one will note that an ordinary silver gelatin developer will give
warmer tones when diluted.

For the colder, more popular (Linda's) look of purple-black
Sol A
Sol B 500 mls each and water to make 500 mls

For brown(er) toning
Use 12 mls of each part and water to make 500 mls

For red(dish) toning
6 mls of each solution and water to make 500 mls

The full process is to first use a strong (read dark) negative and
expose fully in the sun (or arc light). Examine while exposing and make
sure the image is darker than you'd like as fixing and toning reduce
the density.
Fix with basic fixer made of sodium thiosulfate . . not rapid fix.
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