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Date: 07/12/04-07:38:54 AM Z
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 and you say this was cheaper than Rives? Umm... at my
> local store Rives BFK was the cheapest $2.??, Magnani was like $3.50
> and Artistico was $5.12. I

I think Rives may be the cheapest. I used to get the largest size sheet of
Rives, if I bought 50 at a time, for around $2.35 I think (27x41). I got
that at Montana State University--a little known fact is that the bookstore
there is a low profit store, so that everything they sell is just minimally
above cost, and savings are passed on to students. But, since I am not
there presently, I cannot take advantage of this. Hence, I know not what a
current sheet of Rives costs. But Jerry's Artarama is the cheapest place to
buy the Fabriano Artistico by far.

> > Chris said (me): It isn't a huge deal, but the hot press works great,
and if I have
> > any unevenness, I just whisk the coating with the Jerry's Artarama
> > cheapy badger hair softener.
> Ryuji asked: What do you mean? Do you "resurface" the coating with
> (Please explain - it smells like something potentially useful for me.)

No. I brush on my gum coat with a hake brush. Immediately, I lightly whisk
back and forth with the badger hair softener (the $18 one from Jerry's, not
the $150 one; it is in the back of the catalog under faux finishing wall
stuff or something of that nature). The softener smooths the coat. I don't
always have to do this, but usually on the third coat of gum I do because
the hardened gum is building up in some areas and therefore differential in
accepting a new layer.

> Ryuji asked: Did you have to make your sensitizer (cyano or gum) thicker
than usual
> to suit this paper? (or did feel the advantage of doing so?)
Nope; didn't change my thickness.
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