Announcment: PT/PD Workshop With Dick Arentz & Precision Digital Negatives.

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Please forgive the shameless self promotion :)

Midwest Masters is offering the first in a series of workshops combining
Alternative Processes & Digital Negatives August 26—August 29 in the Chicago Area.

Dick Arentz, author of Platinum & Palladium Printing, and Mark Nelson will
combine forces in their presentation on making the Platinum & Palladium print
using a whole new approach to crafting digital negatives.

Precision Digital Negatives for Silver and Other Alternative Photographic
Processes will be available at the end of July, 2004. Phil Davis, author of
Beyond the Zone System, comments on this new book: "Mark, let me congratulate you
for having conceived and produced an ingenious control procedure for producing
precision digital negatives. I’ve read the text and examined the CD files, and
I’m impressed by both the concept and the thoroughness of your documentation.

Please send all inquiries for workshop information to Mark Nelson OFF LIST

Mark Nelson
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