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Subject: Re: Editioning ... and Unique Works of Art
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2004 08:03:09 -0700

> In the more general form, called "edition pricing" by most galleries,
> the artist still limits the total number of prints.

This may help to slow down reaching to the hard limit (quota?), but
does not solve the ultimate dilemma that no more of the same image can
be printed. I don't have music background but if I am allowed to cook
only so many times out of recipes I devise, I'd be very discouraged.

> I use this form of pricing, so my 11x14 platinum prints are limited
> to 25, the first 5 are $450US, then next 5 (6th - 10th sold) are
> $550US, the next 5 (#11th - 15th sold) are $650US, the next 5 (16th
> - 20th sold) are $750US, and the last 5 (21st - 25th sold) are
> $900US (double the starting price).

If I remember correctly, you make your own paper yet sell the work for

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