Re: scanning 35mm film as a contact sheet

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Date: 07/10/04-01:08:09 PM Z
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Once my 35 mm film is developed an placed in a protective sleeve that holds
an entire roll & is punched for a 3 ring binder, it is contact printed. I then
scan the contact sheet. This isn't as direct as what you are looking for,
but works nicely. I store all my negatives by classification of work and date
in three ring binders with the negatives and contact sheets right together.

Mark Nelson

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> My old scanner, Epson Expression 1600 with a light box for
> transparency original (I think it was sold as Artist version) I can
> scan transparency of the entire scanner area (a bit bigger than legal,
> I think). So scanning a whole PrintFile page for proofing is easy,
> though I have so many negatives that I didn't file away as I shot and
> I mostly go by my mental index and a loupe.  (the problem is that
> loupe is very fatigue-prone.)
> Many newer flatbed scanners have limited size of transparency light
> area, often just enough for 4x5's or 5x7's. Old plate sizes are all
> but forgotten.
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