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Hi Robin,

In the excellent book "Darkroom" published by Lustrum Press (c) 1977,
Linda Connors writes about her way of shooting pictures, developing film
(dektol) and printing. At these times , she used Kodak "Studio proof"
P.O.P. (printing out paper) which were used by studio photographers to send
as "proofs"; not being fixed, these proofs were "self-destructing" after
some time exposed to light, so that customers could not use them...
linda describes her way of contacting her prints under sunlight, and then
fixing them (plain hypo) and then toning them with gold chloride toner.
All the procedures are very well explained and Linda adds some interesting
comments about the way the use oof her old 8x10 camera with soft focus lens
changed her way of creating images and printing them.

Hope it helps.
If you get difficulties to get the book, contact me off-list so that I may
scan for you the pages about LindaConnors

Cheers from France,

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> I just spent some time with Linda Connor's amazing book "Luminence"
> which I recommend to anyone both for the richness of the images and the
> beauty of the reproduction.
> In her introduction to the book, Rebecca Solnit refers to the Connor
> using "printing-out paper" exposed in the sun. Does anyone know
> specifically how these beautiful prints were made? Is this waxed or
> oiled salted paper? Chicago Albumen Works? hand coated albumen?
> something else?
> Anyone know?
> thanks,
> Robin Dreyer
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