Re: Inkjet Transparencies Scratching

From: Joe Smigiel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/10/04-09:33:02 AM Z
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Several years ago I was making digital negatives for gum printing using
an Epson 1160 printer loaded with the first (?) generation of Cone
Piezography inks. The negs were great but the pigment would dry to a
powder and looking at it the wrong way would dislodge it from the
Pictorico OHP. I solved the problem by spraying 2 fine coats of Krylon
Crystal Clear on the printed letting the negatives dry completely before
and in between coats.

This procedure did impart a sort of "lustre" or "pearl" surface to the
negatives, but I never found it to be a problem when printing gum
bichromate. I don't know if it would show the texture in a different
process, but you might try it.


>>> 07/09/04 8:53 PM >>>
Never got a response on this, so I'm trying again.

Does anybody do any post-printing techniques to their inkjet negs to
increase the durability and prevent scratching? A (non-UV Inhibiting)
spray of some sort maybe?


At 07:50 PM 7/7/2004, Jon Lybrook wrote:
>I've noticed the Pictorico (now AccuArt2) transparencies I've been
>from the Epson 7600 my friends have are very fragile and scratch
>way-easily. Are there any protective coatings or post printing
>for making them a little more durable?
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