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From: Don Bryant ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/08/04-10:20:18 AM Z
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> I plan to use a wire wound steel rod (which is chrome coated) to coat
> emulsion consisting of pigmented colloid + dichromate. Will the steel keep
> well? Are chrome coated steel rods resistant to dichromates?
> BTW, the steel rod wire size is 30. Do you think the size is too much for
> coating photographic emulsion?

If your are suggesting using a Meyers (Mayers?) rod my experience with
coating inkjet prints this way with water based poly urethane indicates to
me that you will have some amount of difficulty getting an even coating
repeatedly and probably more so with gelatin. Also the rod will need to be
cleaned after every print coated to remove residual goo.

I have no idea how the dichromate will affect the metal. If it is a
stainless steel lab rod it may not affect it much. If you are planning to
coat a quantity of paper for later use, possibly a better solution would be
to coat with the gelatin only and apply the dichromate prior to printing.
Also it would be less laborious to coat paper sheets as large as possible to
be cut at a later time. Of course that means you will need a longer rod,
bigger working surfaces and longer arms ;).

What you are describing sounds like you are making carbon tissue or
something like carbon tissue and for that there are much more experienced
minds on the list that may have suggestions.

Good luck,

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