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I absolutely agree. I'm just saying that if you want Black or Neutral Gray, you can't get there by just CMY, you need to use Black or Neutral Gray.

As I've mentioned, I've been doing computer printers for 15 years and software for many more years. People ask why I don't do digital photography with my background in printers. When I get home at night, one of the last things that I want to do is sit in front of a monitor tweaking digital images. I much prefer the hands-on wet chemistry of my darkroom, and the magic of making a print and seeing an image emerge out of the solutions. I still get a charge out of watching a blank piece of paper setting in Dektol turn into a B/W print, and the alt-processes are even more alchemy. Much of the time the image is what I envisioned. Sometimes, it is much better than what I expected and sometimes it is worse. It's the creativity of making something with my own hands (or tongs) and the unexpected positive results that I enjoy.

Bill Leigh
> On Wed, 7 Jul 2004 wrote:
> > ... Printer 
> > manuafacturers spend millions to get the proper combination of colors to 
> > produce the proper results, and I find it extremely difficult to believe 
> > that someone working in their basement (or wherever) combining 
> > approximate amounts of paints with unknown amounts of specific pigments 
> > can achieve what the manuafacturers are unable to do with large expense. 
> > Colo printing is quite analagous to gm printing, in that the printer 
> > lays down 3 or 4 successive layers of colored ink or toner, expecting 
> > the combination will!
> >  yield the desired effect.
> >
> > Please post 2 instances of the same print, one of which was printed with 
> > lampblack and one with some combination of your choice of cyan, magenta, 
> > and yellow, which show that the color is identical. Also try scanning 
> > the print and see what Photoshop says is in each of the CMYK channels.
> If we wanted color and effects identical to commercial materials, why 
> wouldn't we just do C-prints or similar "color photography"?
> Judy
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