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Date: 07/08/04-06:32:18 AM Z
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> There are a lot of prints I would love to own, but I can't afford them. I
guess that's why I own a lot of books with great photographs in them.  If I
can afford to buy a print, I buy it because I love it and want to look at it
often—not because of what it might be worth someday.

I purchase signed editions of books by photographers whose work I enjoy,
perhaps I'll own one by you someday! (Big Hint ;->)

Some of my favorite prints (and most valuable) are prints given to me by

This is the way I collect photographs, either by gift, exchange, or a
purchase I can afford. I think the Lens Work editions are a very affordable
way to purchase photographs. That's how I got my Burkholder flying turtle
and a photogravure by Barnbaum, but some of my most cherished prints are
ones that I have received from list members!

I know several wealthy collectors here in Atlanta who have wonderful museum
like collections but even if I could afford to collect like they do, I don't
think I would pay some of the prices being fetched for prints these days.
Case in point, recently a Helmut Newton print sold for about $188,000. As
much as I like Kenna and Dugdale I wouldn't pay the price being asked by

Don Bryant
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