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Date: 07/07/04-10:59:40 PM Z
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On Wed, 7 Jul 2004 wrote:
> ... Printer
> manuafacturers spend millions to get the proper combination of colors to
> produce the proper results, and I find it extremely difficult to believe
> that someone working in their basement (or wherever) combining
> approximate amounts of paints with unknown amounts of specific pigments
> can achieve what the manuafacturers are unable to do with large expense.
> Colo printing is quite analagous to gm printing, in that the printer
> lays down 3 or 4 successive layers of colored ink or toner, expecting
> the combination will!
> yield the desired effect.
> Please post 2 instances of the same print, one of which was printed with
> lampblack and one with some combination of your choice of cyan, magenta,
> and yellow, which show that the color is identical. Also try scanning
> the print and see what Photoshop says is in each of the CMYK channels.

If we wanted color and effects identical to commercial materials, why
wouldn't we just do C-prints or similar "color photography"?

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