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Date: 07/07/04-08:12:54 PM Z
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Hi, Giovanni,
I will try to get that chart today - I couldn't get to it yesterday.

But if on your print (CMY) you have too much green or yellow.

If you have too much green, you have underprinted M or overprinted C &
Y; too much yellow you've probably just got too concentrated a yellow
layer - yellow is much more dominant than Cyan or Magenta.

What are the adjustments?
A further layer of M (be very conservative with the amount of pigment)
should adjust a green tone.....for yellow you might have to print both C
& M again lightly.

What were the errors in order NOT to repeat?
Use less yellow pigment next time.

Adjusting by repeating a single layer with less pigment?
I does not make sense to me.
As the layers are transparent, the colours mix optically by overlaying
each other. If you lay the missing colour/s over the print, you build up
the amount of that colour and balance is restored.
You use the less pigment in order to not take the balance in the other
direction. You can always add more, but it's hard to take it away.

We are still working on a "guessing stage" and that is not technically

Gum is a bit of a "guessing" medium, I'm afraid..that's where the
creativity comes in.

I haven't got an answer yet, just guesses.
My only answer is we are working with unreliable pigments something
fought from early stages.

Try just starting off with as close to the printer's primaries as you
can get. That will help at the start. Are you using pure pigment or


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