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I should have added, tin is probably thicker then .005 so the same
ideas apply as that of a glass plate.
Robert N.
On Jul 6, 2004, at 4:05 PM, Gerry Giliberti wrote:

> Contact my friend Gary Bartoloni in Sag Harbor New York at the
> or leave a message at 631 725-2531/Fax 631 725-8045
> or
> 631 477-3070. He is a large format person and should know where you
> can get
> 8x10 film holders (he's into 11x14 now). If all the phone numbers I
> gave you
> are out of date, check "Danspapers" (Montauk Highway, Bridgehampton,
> NY) on
> the web and check their ads or call them. I know he advertises in that
> paper
> so they should know how to get him. Mention my name, Gerry Giliberti,
> to
> Gary also. He's a difficult guy to get a hold of and he can be a little
> temperamental, but he's OK.
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> Subject: plate holder woes (again)
> After my latest dead end (see below), I'm now, again, at a loss on
> where to
> get plate holders for my modern 8x10 camera. I sent the e-mail below
> to the
> Star Camera Company and I just don't understand the reply. Could
> someone
> help me to understand why this guy seems to be implying that I'm an
> idiot?
> I don't plan on doing wet-plate collodion and I don't plan on making
> glass-plate negatives... maybe the definition of tin type that I'm
> working
> from is different than his?
> Could someone please tell me if what I'm after is even possible? Do
> any of
> you work with plate holders that fit into a regular spring-clip back
> on a
> modern view camera? Can I buy one or borrow one to replicate? I'm
> going
> out of my mind trying to find plate holders.
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> I was browsing the Star Camera website and I'm duly impressed. I
> would like
> to use my Calumet 8x10 view camera to make Daguerreotypes and tin
> types but
> I do not have any plate holders. What I would like to know is if you
> can
> make the following for me and how much such a thing might cost:
> 2 8x10 full size plate holders (single side OK, double side all the
> better)
> for use on 8x10 back
> 2 8x10 holders with centered 4x10 plate holder (single side OK, double
> side
> all the better) for use on 8x10 back
> 2 4x5 full size plate holders (single side OK, double side all the
> better)
> for use on 4x5 back
> I would like for these plate holders to work in the same manner as film
> holders in that they can be used in a standard spring-clip back on view
> cameras. I may very well ditch the Calumet and buy a field Toyo 8x10
> in the
> next five years so I would want to know that I could use these on
> another
> camera with a standard spring-clip back. I am willing to ship the
> Calumet
> to you and may consider a visit to NJ.
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> ---reply---
> Sorry these things cannot be made. Too thin, you really
> need some insight into collodion to figure out what you
> need.
> ------
> -Jon
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