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Thanks for the info Gerry. I think that description is a little bir
compulsive / overkill (especially section about the negative)...


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> In B/W and color photography a unique print, as told to me by Janet Lehr
> the Vered Art Gallery in East Hampton, NY, is a print that has no existing
> negative, is the only surviving print of its kind, it's signed by the
> photographer and should have been printed by the photographer (this may
> always be the case. In terms of colleting I'm sure this relates to
> alternative process prints. (Note: I found this info out when I asked her
> about a Many Ray print that they had for sale and they labeled it
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> I follow that custom too. I sell unique prints (BTW, what is the
> between a unique print and a monoprint?), but I warning the purchaser that
> the prints are unique only for the medium/color + size combination, in
> words: I can print the same image in another medium/color and/or size. I
> don't think it's wrong to call this "unique" as soon as the purchaser is
> informed correctly. What do you think?
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> Loris.
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