Re: Concentrated citric acid in solution

From: Bill William ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/05/04-04:35:40 AM Z
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--- Don Bryant <>

> Does anyone know what the maximum % solution of citric
acid one can make with distilled water?

I would have to check, but it is very soluble. I recall
using 50% solutions no problem.

I think you may already have a sufficient answer, but I
have a question for the list that you reminded me to

But first, Loris Medici wrote:

I mean ">=10gr/100ml" is not contradictory to "60gr/100ml"

Then Judy asked "It's not ????? Please explain...!!"

I understand this to read as

"greater than or equall to 10 grams per liter is not
contradictory to "up to 60 grams per liter"

While not identical, not exactly conrtadictory, or?
Anyway my question is can someone explain why Pot. nitrate

This stuff seems like it is alive... up the insides of the
jar, over and out to the real world... anyone know where
it's off to? What is behind this movement?
what other chemicals exhibit this behaviour?



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