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> A couple of other points: "Artist's proof" has not been mentioned here,
> but there are almost always several of them as well, which are given to
> friends, family, self, whatever and are hors de numbering.

In publishing limited etchings and lithos there are a host of prints outside
of the edition such as Artists proofs, Printers Proofs, Trail Proofs,
Working Proofs and HC's ( hors commerce). Again, these are ways of
establishing providence and keeping track of exactly what has been signed of

> Finally, the style of 1/45, 2/45, 3/45 etc. for numbering, as most folks
> know, originated with etching or engraving as successive prints continued
> to wear down the plate, making the later numbers presumably less desirable
> -- and a low number supposedly more valuable.
> In photography, that particular format is at best an anachronism -- like
> the buggy whip.
> Judy

I would also add that with the active use of steel facing our copper
engravings, etchings and photogravures, this point is now moot also. Number
1/45 looks exactly the same as number 45/45. That is, if your doing your job
I have seen over the years, certain collectors of a particular artist,
collecting the same number of each seperate edition such as number 4/30 of
an edition and number 4/28 of another, etc...
Takes all kinds,
Best, Craig Z.
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