Re: Concentrated citric acid in solution

From: Loris Medici ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/04/04-05:50:32 PM Z
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According to the second document it is... but I don't understand why many
sources state ">= 10gr/100ml" while only one says "600gr/1000ml" (after a
quick web seach). I mean ">=10gr/100ml" is not contradictory to "60gr/100ml"
indeed but I don't get why many sources leave such a great "safety margin"
(is it really a safety margin? - don't know) when giving water solubility
data (I understand ">=10gr" as "around 10gr" and then see another data with
6x the amnt. - really confusing)


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> Thanks Loris,
> According to your source, citric is soluble in water up to 600g per liter
> 20C.
> That's what I needed to know.
> Don
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