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Date: 07/04/04-12:05:58 PM Z
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Steve Shapiro wrote:
> I don't know any photographer who made editions, then destroyed the
> negative. Brett Weston destroyed some negatives at that point in his life
> when he determined he would never have the time to make any more prints
> those negatives, and wanted to make the point that reprints of his
> using his negatives was not the same. His argument was over the craft of
> his photography as little difference from that of a painter. That his
> photographs could not be replicated by anybody but him, himself; and he
> didn't want to leave to posterity that dilemma over the craft or art in
> photography.
 I do not know if this is true or not but I was told by a old art dealer
in Cleveland, Ohio , that William Mortensen had destroyed negatives and
marketed the highly hand manipulated prints as a one of a kind piece of
art... I think is a great marketing technique to get people to "LOOK" !
John Cremati
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