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Date: 07/03/04-11:57:07 PM Z
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--- Craig Zammiello <>

it is indeed "unique" as in "species
(or sub-species ), and can be also termed a monoprint
because it is using the same negative/positive (genus).

Best, Craig Z.

Hi Craig.
Are you a taxonomist?

I wonder, is there a special term to indicate not that a
piece of work is not simply "limited" or "editioned", or
that it is limited to say x number of one size or process
type, but that in fact you have not made any other
existing prints with the same or essentially identical (or
an extreamly similar) negative and that the eyes of any
average beholder, having access to everything you have
ever printed, would witout exception claim: "This piece of
artwork is unique!"

I was taught once that something that is "unique" does not
exist in variations.


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