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Date: 07/03/04-11:12:14 PM Z
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Sandy, et. al,

I know that heat drying sensitized paper can cause a loss of contrast with
cyanotype, VDB and other processes because I have tested it; howver, I have
not noticed such an effect with platinum.
That being said, I did read a reference that said that heat drying
sensitized platinum paper could result in little particles of platinum
sensitizer floating around the darkroom and this is not good stuff to breath
in. I don't know if that is true but I have been gently air drying my
sensitized platinum paper ever since, just in case.

Like all things, I suspect that this is a matter of degree. So, a hair dryer
turned on low heat and low speed would surely not produce a lot of
"particles" like a hair dryer set at high speed and high heat.
I think with platinum we would want the paper to dry slowly so that the
sensitizer is absorbed into the paper rather than sit on the surface.

Personally, I use a very small fan that gently moves air around the newly
sensitized paper.

Bob Schramm

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&gt;From: Sandy King &lt;;
&gt;Subject: Drying Pt/Pd. prints
&gt;Date: Fri, 02 Jul 2004 18:16:00 -0400
&gt;Does anyone know if using heat with a hair dryer to dry Pt./Pd.
&gt;prints has any affect on the Dmax or contrast?
&gt;Sandy King
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