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Date: 07/03/04-02:37:42 AM Z
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Hi Judy!

       This certainly seems like the creative way to deal
with editions, making new editions markedly different also
gives the photographer the better feeling, knowing that the
same material is simply not being milled out for the sale.
Plus those here interested in alternative photography a chance
to maybe try an unfamiliar process.


Rich Lahrson
Berkeley, California

Judy Seigel wrote:
> There's something else should be mentioned: It's customary to start
> numbering over with a different size or a different medium. For
> instance, if an edition of 8 in, say, cyanotype, is sold, you can do
> another edition of any number you choose in, say, platinum. Or if the
> first edition was 8x10, you can do a new one in 11x14. Etc. And so forth.
> Judy
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