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On Thu, 1 Jul 2004, Bill William wrote:

> I often face a similar situation. In my work, each print
> is a unique piece, In spite of being printed from the same
> orginal negative...

What I tend to do is give the work a title (which I usually do for
identification) and then, if I've printed it several times, which I often
do, add a number. For instance, "Study in Diagonals, #2," or some point
of differentiation ("dark sky," "red shirt," etc.).

If someone is worried about the prints not being identical, or size of the
edition,they don't deserve to have a gum print, and if the printer is
making them identical, s/he is a genius and/or wasting his/her time. There
are so many different ways to print gum, surely time is better spent
exploring some of them.

(As far as I know, painters do not find it necessary to make their
paintings identical -- or not on purpose anyway.)


> (sort of like a painter who paints the same subject in the
> "same way" multiple times...?)
> One problem with 1-6 rather than 1/6 method... If someone
> is trying to limit your collection, say to increase its
> sale (resale) value, just looking at that number gives no
> indication that it is in fact a limited edition.
> Or is there a solution to this?
> Ray
>> Lisa, I always call my gum prints unique state,
>> simply because even with
>> the best timing under artificial light, my prints
>> never, just never,
>> look exactly the same - this is one of the
>> characteristics of gum (I
>> have been told). So I will number my prints as 1 of
>> 6 rather than 1/6.
>> This is in line with a traditional printmaking
>> strategy for numbering
>> editions of prints that are not exactly the same.
>> Cheers
>> Kate
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