Canon i9900

From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/01/04-02:56:00 PM Z
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Just wondering if anyone is using the Canon i9900 for making digital
negatives. I printed a color patch on Pictorico using my laptop at a
local CompUSA store but the densities of the patch were had visually
less opacity (and measured quite a bit less) than a similar swatch
from the Epson 2200. I was hoping to bet better results because the
printer i9900 prints much faster than the Epson with better
resolution and the picoliter size is smaller. But since I am not
familiar with the settings of the Canon drivers there is the
possibility that I did not have it set for optimum. The colors sure
did not look as saturated as I would have expected.

Sandy King

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