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No, Yupo did not absorb the sensitizer. It just set on the surface
and waited to dry, with some puddles. Evening out the sensitizer over
the paper, without streaking, was the main problem. Try to apply a
coating of vandyke, kallitype or pallaidum sensitizer to a sheet of
plastic and you will see what I mean.

I may try Pete's suggestion and add a bit of colloid to the
sensitizer and try again. Would this make the coating an emulsion?


>Sandy, how did you manage to coat kallitype emulsion to Yupo? Does it absorb
>the emulsion or you coated a "primer" (gelatin and such) before? What were
>the problems when coating kallitype?
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>> I have used Yupo as a base for making carbon tissue and in this
>> application it works very well. I have also attempted to print on it
>> with kallitype and palladium but with mixed results. If one could
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