RE: a virus has taken my name, sorry

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It is exactly what Robkin is saying. At my old job, I used to have to deal
with viruses on users computers. With this type of virus you never are
getting an email directly from a computer that is infected 99% of the time.
It's all about contacts in other people's computers that have been infected.
The virus uses the email addresses it finds and sends out using that
address. As long as you don't open the file attachment that's been going
around, you're fine.

Instantly delete all emails that say something in the email body about not
being able to open so email has been sent in hex format. I forget the exact
wording. I'm getting about five of these emails a day to an email address
(based off my website) I've just started using that I have yet to get spam
on, so go figure how viruses are coming to it.

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Subject: RE: a virus has taken my name, sorry


It is most likely not your fault in any way nor anything you probably
could have prevented. You actually may not be virused at all.

The current virus, like many others, harvests email addresses from
everywhere so your address could have been taken from anyone you ever
sent an email to or from this list itself.

are just emotional reflex action, or some automated mail filtering
program exercising its programmer's sophomoric wit. Not significant

I got tons of those but my service provider has very high level filters
in place and I did not get the virus on my own computer. My address
just got picked up somewhere else.


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Subject: a virus has taken my name, sorry

For the last several days I've been getting dozens of indignant REFUSAL
notices from places and persons I never heard of from the 4 corners of
globe (if a globe can have corners) saying a virus was sent by me and I
should get a virus detector, exterminator, emulsifier, etc.

For the record, I never do e-mail on my hard drive, but only in the unix
shell of the service provider, which, being among the big boys, I assume
has got virus protection up the wazoo. And although my evil G-4 acts as
it were a virus itself, I'm the only one who uses it, only take
I've been told to expect from a person I know & so forth & so on.

Which is to say, I'm sorry, but mea non culpa... tho I do assume others
have been similarly abducted?

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