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And, so, back in '86, walking through Porto Venare in Italy, with the
advise a
'new best' friend' to visit a restaurant "his best friend" owned, we
sat down to
  eat and ALL they served was canelli bean soup, an odd salad of local
weeds and raw octopus. RAW octopus! Whoa. But lemme tellya, and you all
know Italian food, it was superbly unbelievably delicious to the n'th
Jack Fulton

>> Now, I like Tempura but not octopus. I also don't like
>> escargot, too much like eating cut up art gum erasers. A one
>> time lady friend thought I was very declasse for this.
> What about fresh large-grain oysters? (take it out of the shell, of
> course) Scallop, clam, etc. would work but these in tempura might
> resemble deep fried junk food... Shrimps, string beans, asparagus
> tips, sliced onions, julianne sliced carrots, etc.
> Still seeking methods to apply gelatin sub to watercolor paper...
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