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Date: 01/30/04-10:20:40 AM Z
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I also suspect that Yupo is a much more permanent base than paper,
if archival quality is of any importance.

I have used Yupo as a base for making carbon tissue and in this
application it works very well. I have also attempted to print on it
with kallitype and palladium but with mixed results. If one could
make it work with these processes I think the results might be very
interesting since it is such a smooth support and would probably
allow more sharpness than even vellum.

BTW, in the US you can buy Yupo from Cheap Joe's Art Stuff in Boone, NC.
telephone 1-800-227-2788


>> On the other hand, I want to print on PAPER, not plastic. But what's YUPO?
>Yes I can understand this wish, but the advantage of printing on a substrate
>that is perfectly stable and free from pigment stain, when working in a
>multicoat manner is far more important to me, than the nature of the base it
>is all about the final image in relation to personal aesthetes.
>Yupo is laminated polypropylene a plastic. I think I once sent you a sample
>when it was called Synteape in the UK and Kimdura in the US I seem to
>remember your comment was, not bad for a plastic.
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