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What a flurry of egg-tempera-print questions.

> When printing on different surfaces that must be sealed, what do you
> recommend to use as the sealer?

Most surfaces don't need sealing. The problem ones are watercolour paper and
some fabrics. Pva and acrylic varnishes or the traditional gelatine about
10% give two coats and harden with formalin 3% sol will work well.

Glass or glazed surfaces will take the egg but it is just on, very fragile !
However I can say that it is perfectly feasible to coat Egg Temperaprint
onto tiles. Whilst conducting a master class at Can Serrat Artists Centre in
Spain last year one of my students coated onto glazed ceramic tiles and then
baked the resultant image for a few days in the Spanish sun producing a very
hard stable image.

Whether one could walk on it is another matter. For a good bond I would
recommend that you put a coating of clear polyurethane on first as "sizing"
then the egg.

> What would you say are the limits of density range for negatives for this
> process?

I think the density range is about 1.8 to 2.01. However I have not measured
it. Not possessing densitometers etc I can get six to seven steps from a
stuffier wedge on a normal print mix.

Really It is not that important as the process is by its very nature
multicoat. I don't think I ever have done a satisfactory single coat print.
Monochrome needs three to four coatings and colour ten(10) to fifteen(15)

I hope this helps



> Thanks,
> Mark Nelson
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>> Secondly it is highly adhesive. When a surface is prepared properly it will
>> print on anything, glass, ceramic tiles, glazed or biscuit fired, fabric,
>> wood, and canvas.However the surface of the substrate you chose must be
>> sealed.
>> The sensitivity of egg is similar to gum when mixed with a saturated
>> solution of Amm Dichromate.
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