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Date: 01/29/04-09:04:35 AM Z
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Wow! You're as bad as I am as far as looking for old gear.
Used to have a great place in Chicago called Darkroom Aids...a super "junk
room" chocked full of used stuff like the old rubber tanks. Unfortunately,
they closed some time ago and I miss them every time I start looking for some
obscure old photo accessory.
I think that a plastic tank that's the same dimensions may still be
manufactured...brand name Federal or Patterson or Doran (possibly Yankee).
I just did a quick google on these and the results are, as usually, too
Look up the Ace Photo Index site..they have a list of links to manufacturers.
Also try Midwest Photo Exchange or Columbus Camera Group...they always seem
to have a lot of darkroom stuff.
Good luck finding new...maybe you'll luck out and find used from someone who
was impeccably clean in their darkroom habits.


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