Re: Silver chloride contact printing papers - not AZO

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Date: 01/28/04-04:42:28 AM Z
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> I'll add, though that DOP can be made into POP with a chloride bleach...
> I think Chris Anderson, or maybe it was Liam, or both(?) have done that
> too... You bleach it back with hydrochloric acid & (as I recall) a
> bichromate bleach... and just leave it in the sun or strong light and
> forget about it... You think nothing is happening, but in a few days you
> have a brown tone quite tactile photograph. Could probaably gold tone it
> too, if you felt the urge.
> J.

The DOP to POP I do is with just plain darkroom chems. First, extended
exposure in sunlight or room light with a piece of normal BW enlarging
paper, under a contact neg, and then fixing with no development. Exposure
ranges from 45 minutes onwards in sun, and the warmtone papers produce nice
terra cottas, the cooltones mauves and pinks and yellows. You have to use a
contrasty neg, it produces a very low contrast print that tones well. It
bleaches dramatically when it hits the fix so use an alkaline fix if you can
(also continually agitate in fix or it gets uneven). Great for hand
coloring and soft subject matter (flesh). Experimental process, so don't
expect something akin to a fine platinum print or whatever.

Perhaps Liam does the hydrochloric thing, and, if so, I'd love to know more
about it?
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