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Sorry I successfully mismatched a few things in this sentence :

> There was a few product for dual using DOP/POP
> called as gaslight paper in the first decades of XX.
> century.

1./ The name: "gaslight paper" is an early name of the DOP (developing out paper).
2./ There was a "dual" paper which was printed out at first (till the first contours of the picture) and after developed (in a metol + acetic acid solution) fixed, toned. But it was a silver phosphate paper not a chloride.

The product name: Janus produced by: Janus photographic factory in Lachendorf about the turn of XIX/XX centuries.
3./ There where a few receipt for "dual" processing of the "emulsions" POP-s. (Emulsions: has a factory made, sensitized photographic "emulsion" layer with gelatin, collodion, plant/milk albumen etc. binder, and not the "swim-sensitized paper" like salt-, egg-albumen-, etc. papers)

An underprinted/exposed POP was developed in a pirogallol (or hidrokinon), sodium sulfite and acetic acid solution, there is a gallic acid and sodium acetate version also (from Liesegang E. R. who descripted it in a publication: Die Entwicklung der Auskopier-Papiere. Leipzig. no date). Fixing, toning.
Bálint Flesch

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