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Thanks Judy and others who responded. The resources are quite helpful. I
know there are a million processes out there, each with it's on
idiosyncrasies. So far it appears that gum is on the low end of requirement in terms of
negative density range and salt prints on the high end, but I obviously haven't
exhausted all the available information. Any other comments that would
enlighten this feeble brain would be appreciated.

Thanks again,
Mark Nelson

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> Mark, if someone claims to provide that information other than in the MOST
> general way (which any book from Keepers of Light to Chris James's current
> Book of Alternative Photographic Processes should have) -- don't buy any
> bridges from them. The variables of paper, timing, drying, coating,
> exposure light and so forth are very great, plus new developments.
> For instance, supposedly kallitype needs a negative with a range like
> platinum... now with the ferric chloride additive it can print pretty much
> any neg that will print in silver gelatin.
> Any good omnibus book however should at least give the ballpark range
> under each process.
> Judy
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