RE: Silver chloride contact printing papers - not AZO

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Date: 01/27/04-05:49:49 AM Z
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First of all I would like to thank all who responded for their
comprehensive answers.

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> So, here I am with two 8x10 contact printing boxes (Agfa
> and Morse), talk about your antiques. What facinates me is
> that so many photographers now don't know what these are.
> When I strarted out in photography (and you too probably)
> contact printing was the only alternative if you were not
> rich enough to afford an enlarger.

An interesting coincidence; last Saturday, I saw a very old wooden
contact printer in a photographic supplies store, dating back to 1911
(according to the store owner). It was the first time I saw such an
instrument - very interesting thing - but thanks to some experience with
alternative processes and my contact printing frame I quickly figured
out what it was. I would like to have it to show it to friends - and
maybe mount UV bulbs to the section below and use it for alt. prints -
but don't know why, I didn't ask the price.

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