RE: Reticulation/cracking cyanotypes

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Date: 01/26/04-12:05:36 AM Z
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Great question Perry!!!!!
Thanks Judy.
Interesting to me as well.
Can anybody else post information on that.

Rocky Boudreaux
Houston, TX.

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Subject: Reticulation/cracking cyanotypes

I was reading an alternative process book the other day and they had said
that if you spray a cyanotype with tilex that it will cause reticulation
(cracking) in the image. This didn't make much sense to me since you usually
only reticulate images in gelatin but I tried it anyway and it didn't work
however I was quite excited by the idea of being able to reticulate
cyanotypes with out doing it to the negative so I was wondering if anyone
has heard about this tilex thing or any other way of reticulating

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