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I'm not going to pretend I'm an expert in fixing these things, but I've
logged three years in W98 and another six months in the Cure-All Wonder
World of XP. So I do have some expertise in sustaining battle wounds.

You don't mention your OS. My first thought would be that Office has little
to do with your problem in the long run. It's probably a question of in how
you've got your OS configured. I would start by checking out your OS
configurations (for file size and memory management, for example). I would
guess that one of these worked fine before (or gave only marginal and
tolerable problems); but no longer is appropriate because you've installed

Check out this site. It's got a discussion forum for each Windows OS (see
bar at left side of the site).

Good luck! And when you do get the problem ironed out, you might post a
summary. Be sure to specify OS!!! Some W98 problems vanish with XP, for
instance. But in XP, wonderful new headaches lie in waiting.


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> Good morning,
> I have a technology headache.
> My PS 7 was working fine. After I installed Office 2003, it takes about 3
mins to open a 20 kb file in PS, and anything larger is impossisble.
> Can anyone direct me to a site where problems with Office 2003 might be
> I talked with Adobe twice and they tell me that Office 2003 must be the
> I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling PS.
> I need PS 7 for my classes, so if a solution cannot be found I will need
to uninstall Office 2003.
> Hoping someone can steer me in the right direction to resolve this
> Thank you in advance.
> Temi
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