Need help with Olec AI 131 Integrator and photocell

From: Mike Klemmer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/23/04-06:28:33 PM Z
Message-id: <001101c3e211$002fcd40$0200a8c0@downstairs>

I am trying to use a brand new Olec PA90 photocell and used AI 131 integrator with my Nuarc N750 mercury vapor plate burner. I am not trying to control the Nuarc unit with the integrator. I am just using it to count the UV light.

Problem is - I set the integrator to some arbitrary number and press start and it just sits there and does nothing. The numbers don't change at all. I have the probe directly under the lamp. What am I missing here? Thanks.


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