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Oh, this IS a good one! Over on another "professional" listservs I'm on,
we finally resorted to including "FF" in the "Subject:" line..."Friday
Funnies" ya know?

So, my answer would be to shoot digitally. Then you could take it in any
direction you wanted, incuding cyanotype or platinotype on BFK Rives!

Dennis Moser

Barry Kleider said:
> Ray,
> so far the discussion seems to be between going cyanotype or
> Rhodinal....
> About having Saddam Hussein save Bush, that would mean you would have to
> stage the rescue - turning it into a photo op - which would be unethical
> journalistically... Unless Saddam was wearing a flight jump suit and
> there was a banner behind him stating "Mission accomplished."
> :)
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