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Ooops! Sorry (Now two junks) I didn't check out the "To," Gosh, dumb me.
But, hello, group!

Brent Arnold



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Subject: RE: Workshop during Fotofest Houston March 27-28
Hi, I would love to attend, how much are you charging? I live in
Galveston, so I am pretty sure I will be attending Fotofest.. I shoot
with 35mm so, I guess I will need some of the digital negs 'on the fly'
well, I do also shoot digital. So, hmm, I don't know what I would have
to bring, well maybe you could let me know :-) I don't know much about
the platinum palladium printing technique (as I am new to alternative
processes) but I am interested on learning!
Let me know if you still have openings!

Brent Arnold



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Subject: Workshop during Fotofest Houston March 27-28
FYI for those in the region....

Kerik Kouklis and I will be giving a 2 day platinum palladium printing
techniques workshop at my workshop/studio during the Houston Fotofest.
We have room for about 4-5 participants, and we will cover everything
you need to begin printing in pt/pd or improve your existing platinum
printing techniques.

Check out for details

Small camera users should not be afraid to attend, as we will be able to
make some digital negs 'on the fly' for you to use.

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