OT Scales for weighing chemicals

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Date: 01/20/04-07:06:42 PM Z
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I am sure some of you folks are using the little electronic scales to measure
your chemicals for alt photo—they look really convenient and for me they also
made for the shooting industry and I could use the same scale for reloading
cartridges. Maybe I'll develop a new process such as the Winchestertype...

Anyway, any experiences with these and what you like best? I notice many of
them have a tare or zero feature, they seem sensitive to changes in humidity
and heat (so they might work well with gum) and many of the benchrest shooters
say regarding the plastic vs metal "cups" that hold the material that the
metal ones are better because they do not develop a static charge that causes
your powder or chemical to stick to it in the winter.... but I would probably use
paper or pill cups for this anyway.

Any observations welcome from gummists or varminters, be they one in the

Mark Nelson
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