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Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
> Katharine,
> p. 39 of his manual

No, this is the reference to the dark reaction quote referred to later
in your post, which I referred to in another place in my post:

> > > Livick also says in his book to dry emulsion for 1/2 hour to 45 min, no
> > > longer, or emulsion will start to set in the paper and highlights will
> be
> > > muddy.

this does not say anything about dampness and low contrast, or dampness
and staining, as you referred to in your earlier post. But thanks for
the reference from the website. Perhaps I'm too particular about
citations, but if he doesn't say it in his book, I'd prefer that it not
be cited to his book.
> Blacklow p. 127.
> As far as humidity and temp, both increase dark reaction acording to many
> authors--the insolubilizing of gum at a quicker rate, without exposure to
> sun.

You must have a different Blacklow than I do, because page 127 in mine
is simply a supply list. But this quote above, is about the dark
reaction; and does not say anything like what you said in your earlier

> >Blacklow says don't print in high humidity because the dichromate
> > soaks up moisture from the air and become less sensitive--either that is
> > conjecture or she got it from someone else.

> One thing I always do is check my sources before posting to the alt list, as
> I figure one way or another my head'll hit the proverbial chopping block.

Well, since the page citations given here back up other attributions,
not the attributions you gave earlier to these authors, I have to say
I'm not terribly satisfied with the checking.
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