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The answer is 3: don't worry about it.

Barry Singer wrote:
> Many years ago, b.c.(before children), I enjoyed gum printing. Now
> I have some time again and I am assembling the equipment to begin again.
> I followed the discussion on light sources with interest. I also
> followed the links provided and tracked down some really powerful
> industrial strength UV light sources. I recall that my mother used
> to say you can't get a sun tan in the house. I think what she meant
> was get out side in the fresh air, but I also think that most glass
> blocks at least some UV radiation. My questions are:
> 1. Do printing frames or sheets of glass used to hold everything
> together for the exposure effect the UV light that's doing all
> the work for us?
> 2. Is there some obvious fix to this simple problem that I am
> missing?
> 3. Or does it really matter? After all cameras with ordinary
> lenses take pictures with UV sensitive film.
> And while I am asking, with all these fancy UV light sources now
> available and with a suitable cooling system, is it not time to
> develop a really bright UV enlarger so as to remove the need for
> inter positives and big negatives?
> Barry Singer
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