obsolete photographic processes

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       I have a book called " Voitlander and I " by James Ryder - which is
basically a autobiography of a early Daguerreotypist photographer in
Cleveland Ohio. The book spans prior to the civil war thru the early
1900's. It was so early that Photographers then were commonly called
"Shadow Catchers".........
        When Ambrotypes first came out Ryder stated : " This modern
technology, I just can not keep up with it"!
John Cremati

> I had to laugh and share this with you:
> In 1868, there is an article in the BJP on "Obsolete Photographic
> and in there they give a little blurb description on these processes:
> ambrotype, calotype, cyanotype, chrysotype, Daguerreotype, diaphanotype,
> ferritype, and ivorytype.
> Hmmm....
> Chris
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