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In a message dated 23/07/03 06:48:37 GMT Daylight Time,

> I would guess one reason Stuart doesn't
>participate in the list is the attitude expressed in Cactus Dave's post. I
>really don't understand the anger...
Folks, I didnt see this attitude as ''anger'' but more as indignation because
of the attempt at someone ( not Stuart) trying to hype up and sell
information which clearly was, to Dave, old hat and quite common place. i.e.''teaching
your Grandmother to suck eggs''. Still, these misunderstandings are what
gives this list its very human and humorous quality and keeps me as a lurker for
most of the time.
                    Sincerest good luck, Stuart, with any writing enterprise
you may be aiming at but, as was mentioned, recently, apparently, you have
this idea that you
want to spend time making pictures and not writing.<grin>...............In my
humble opinion, GO FOR IT ! ! A picture speaks a thousand words.
                                               John Grocott
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