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Date: 01/18/04-11:31:05 PM Z
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Well, here in my warm (70+) computer nitch, the gloy is running easily
from side to side. It resembles thin (new) motor oil, just a bit
cloudy though.


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Judy Seigel wrote:
> On Sun, 18 Jan 2004, Katharine Thayer wrote:
> > (1) Physical appearance and consistency: Gloy is about the same
color as
> > a good light gum, but its consistency is much thicker, heavier.
> > arabic is a thick liquid, but if you pour it into a 2.5 ml spoon,
> > isn't so thick that it heaps up over the top of the spoon. Gloy
> > heap up on the spoon, making it impossible to measure the stuff
> > accurately without leveling it off with a palette knife or
> Which just goes to show that you can't generalize even about a brand
> My gloy, which is in fact 6 years old, ought I would think be even
> thicker, yet does not now, nor ever has, heaped up on a spoon -- tho
> generally measure by drops anyway.

This observation of heaping gloy may be related to temperature. I keep
the heat down in my studio except when I'm actually out there working,
and I worked with the gloy right away when I went out there today,
before the room had warmed up. It may be that the gloy, like
detergent and some other fluids, grows thick and sluggish when cold.
But gum never does that.

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