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Henkel Loctite Adhesives Ltd, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK

Henkel are the UK's leading manufacturer of consumer decorating products and
stationery adhesives. Brands such as Solvite, Pritt, UniBond, Nitromors,
Copydex, Loctite and Gloy are market leaders supplied to professional and consumer
markets, and revolutionary products such as No More Nails, No More Cracks and
No More Sealant Guns guarantee to make the most difficult DIY tasks as quick
and as easy to do as possible.
Stationery Products:
Pritt Sticks
Pritt Correction Rollers
Pritt Adhesive Rollers
Pritt Highlighter Rollers
Pritt Childsplay Glues & Glitter
Pritt Sticky Tac and Sticky Pads
Gloy Gum and Paste
Duck Tape
Duck No More Scissors Clear Tape
DIY Products:
Solvite Decorating Adhesives
Nitromors Paint Strippers
UniBond Sealants
UniBond Tiling Adhesives and Grouts
UniBond No More Nails Grab Adhesive, No More Big Gaps Expanding Foam Filler &
No More Sealant Guns
UniBond No More Cracks Fillers Range
Duck Tapes
Duck Power Tapes
Duck Grip Liners
Loctite Cyanoacrylates Super Glue
UniBond Repair for Good Range
UniBond PVA Building Adhesives
Unibond Power Grab Anhesive
Unibond Mega Grip Grab Adhesive
Loctite General Adhesives
Unibond Wood Glue

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> For about the 8th time it's been on this list (only about 4 of them by
> me)... Gloy is a brand name from Henkel. It's essentially PVA with some
> colorant and probably emulsifier added. Maybe when the countries
> supplying acacia left the british empire, or whatever reason,
> it's a substitute for old fashioned mucilege, or office "glue".
> Judy
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